Workforce Development

We have one primary requirement for assessing initiatives in the career and employment readiness area: proposed interventions must demonstrate concrete outcomes of improved readiness for, and performance in, the world of work such as:

  • Securing a job
  • Maintaining a job at 3 months, 6 months, 1 year
  • Advancement in a job

The foundation does not consider internships or other programs without employer guarantees of job hiring upon completion of training milestones. When assessing workforce development programs, we look for programs that use a comprehensive approach and strive to incorporate many or all of the following attributes:

Job Access & Persistence Support Program Attribute Guidelines:

1. Jobs that lead to economic self-sufficiency

  • Programs guide participants toward jobs that meet standards of self-sufficiency to avoid reliance on other subsidies or charities.
  • Jobs targeted offer opportunity for advancement, job security, and benefits.

2. Industry-specific training to facilitate full-time employment

  • Programs offer industry sector-based or job-specific training for targeted certifications and occupations.
  • Sectors and certifications/trainings are focused in areas of labor market demand directly informed by employers, employer networks, and/or workforce intermediaries.

3. Aligning size of job training with local employer need

  • Job training programs that serve at least 100 youth, in partnership with employers to address local hiring needs, are most effective for employer alignment and scaling.
  • Programs serving fewer than 100 youth may be effective for small pilots but have limited capacity to scale without being driven by employer-specific hiring demand.

4. Transitional employment, or on-the-job training

  • Transitional employment programs should present a clearly defined job pathway with projected advancement outcomes articulated in terms of wage increases, title changes and increase in employee benefits over a specific period of time post-placement.

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