Selected 2016 Grantees

Education and Academic Support

We fund programs in superior public, private, parochial and alternative schools, as well as those that prepare students for success as they transition from one school or level to another. We do not endorse a particular educational model but rather support organizations that insist on student achievement using tools such as extended time schooling and enrichment activities tied to curriculum.

Arts Education

The Heckscher Foundation believes that the primary arena for excellent arts education is the classroom, and that arts organizations should work consistently and strategically in schools and with teachers, understanding the demands of existing curricula and financial standards.

Health, Recreation and Social Services

The Heckscher Foundation’s mission to “level the playing field” for needy youth is based on the premise that many young people lack the fundamental resources that more fortunate youth take for granted. The programs we sup- port combine an emphasis on so skills (resilience, independence, problem-solving) with hard skills acquisition. We look for our grantees to assess their outcomes in both areas, with a relentless focus on demonstrable outcomes toward a better life.

Workforce Development

We have one primary requirement for assessing initiatives in the career and employment readiness area: proposed interventions must demonstrate concrete outcomes of improved readiness for, and performance in, the world of work.

Capacity Building and Technical Assistance

The Heckscher Foundation provides support for organizations to meet challenges of infrastructure, board issues and strategic direction through partnerships with expert consultants specializing in helping high-potential organizations improve the services they provide to children in need. Capacity building and technical assistance includes hands-on support where needed, working with a variety of stakeholders for collaboration and exploring the complex needs of organizations seeking to move beyond the seed phase to fully scaled programming and infrastructure.

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