Quality of Life

Citizens Committee of New York

Citizens Committee of New York (CCNYC) supports grassroots organizations improving the quality of life for New York City’s children. From 2010 to 2015, CCNYC supported 132 youth-focused projects, including 43 groups, through two initiatives funded by the foundation: the Heckscher Youth Grants Initiative and the Heckscher Catalyst Initiative.

The Heckscher Youth Grants Initiative invited organizations at an early stage in their development to apply for $500 to $3,000 seed grants. Winners were chosen based on their ability to mobilize volunteers, the quality of their work plan, and potential return on investment. In addition to financial support, winners received project planning assistance, access to the Community Resource Center, and invitations to workshop series.

The Heckscher Catalyst Initiative was an opportunity for more established organizations, including former Heckscher Youth Grants winners, to receive up to $8,000 each and consultation rights with Citizens Committee's CEO on topics such as board development, visioning, fundraising, and strategic growth (with an emphasis on metrics-oriented reporting).