Proven Models

Urban Arts Partnership

Urban Arts Partnership (UAP) is a prime example of an organization that effectively implements arts-based education models in partnership with high-poverty public schools through its Fresh Prep program.

In 2017, the foundation renewed its support for this program, which targets under-credited students who have previously failed their Regents exams and are at risk of failing or dropping out of school. Students review Regents material in original hip-hop songs and then perform the songs in front of the class, receive coaching and support from Fresh Prep staff, and take practice tests. 

New York City Department of Education data show that 60% of participants in the Fresh Prep program passed their Regents exams in one year. Our grant supports the implementation of Fresh Prep in 10 high schools, with 50 to 60 hours of instruction for 400 students. In addition, 12 high school teachers from the 10 partner schools receive intensive professional development in the Fresh Prep curriculum to further support the students. UAP projects that a minimum of 65% of Regents takers will pass their respective exams.