Proven Models


In 2017, the foundation provided support for OneGoal to continue to replicate its program to New York City. OneGoal identifies, trains, and supports high-performing champion teachers to implement a three-year college readiness and success curriculum into classroom-based learning. Program Directors work intensively with underperforming students from 11th grade through the first year of college not only to support students to and through college, but to increase their college selectivity tier by at least one level.

OneGoal specifically focuses on addressing college under-matching challenges by targeting mid-range achievers, providing comprehensive services geared towards improved GPAs and standardized test scores, and helping students identify more selective and supportive best-fit colleges.

According to a recent external evaluation conducted by the University of Chicago, OneGoal demonstrated an increase in college enrollment and persistence of 10% to 20% compared to a control group, with a particularly strong effect in increasing four-year college enrollment and persistence. Through this low-cost and scalable model, which relies on existing resources, OneGoal can make district-wide improvements in college success.

Our confidence in the success of OneGoal is based on the thoroughness of its materials, the strength of its core administration, its leadership, and its impressive results. To date, 87% of graduates have enrolled in college and 83% are persisting in college or have graduated with a college degree.

The first class of OneGoal New York Fellows, which enrolled in college in the fall of 2017, achieved an on-time postsecondary enrollment rate of 88%, the highest the organization has seen in its 5+ years. This achievement is especially remarkable given that this class’s incoming GPA was 2.7 at the close of 10th grade. Of the students who enrolled in college, 82% are “smart-matched” to a high-quality college (an institution from which a student is more likely to graduate than other institutions in its selectivity tier) and/or an opportunity program such as HEOP, EOP, SEEK, ASAP, etc., with 41% matriculating in high-quality colleges and 41% in opportunity programs.

With our support, OneGoal New York will have an opportunity to reach, in only six years, the same level of scale and impact that it took the founding region (Chicago) nine years to achieve.