Proven Models


In 2017, the foundation provided continuing support to NYC SALT, a program that offers high-end photography instruction plus college preparation and mentoring. NYC SALT’s four-year studio program exposes students to the photography industry while building college readiness skills through an intensive studio program.

The program has three components:

  • Weekly classes in digital photography offered at advanced levels and taught by industry professionals
  • Intensive college preparation instruction and long-term college success and career mentoring
  • Career exposure, readiness, and connection to internships and employment

Since NYC SALT’s first graduating class in 2011:

  • 100% of studio program high school seniors have graduated colege-ready and enrolled in college.
  • 100% of the first cohort of college seniors graduated from college on time in four years.
  • 84% of current college students are on track to graduate on time.

In 2017, the foundation supported the expansion of the residency program from 150 to more than 200 youth for the 2018–19 program, and the expansion of NYC SALT staff to increase the executive director’s capacity and ensure that internal systems are sufficient for the new program size as well as planned growth.