Proven Models

America Needs You

The foundation has been a major funder of the growth of America Needs You (ANY), an organization that has achieved success in responding to the needs of first-generation college students.

The ANY Fellows Program provides life planning, career development, and community leadership projects. Mentor coaches, primarily from highly-engaged corporate volunteer initiatives, help participants articulate a clear path to their personal and professional goals. During the intensive two-year program, participants receive training in public speaking, personal finance, written communication, relationship management, and interviewing; attend 28 full-Saturday career workshops; complete two summer internships; and receive more than 1,000 hours of individualized support.

In New York, ANY now exclusively serves City University of New York (CUNY) students, one third of whom start out at a two-year CUNY community college, because they have been identified as having the highest need for intervention. To ensure year-over-year persistence and bachelor’s degree completion, the program supports students as they transition from two-year to four-year colleges and throughout their postsecondary education.

ANY has achieved results that position it as the most effective model for college completion programs for CUNY students. The most recent data indicate that:

  • 100% of Fellows enrolled in community colleges transferred to four-year universities.
  • 96% of alumni have graduated within six years.
  • 90% have secured jobs or have enrolled in graduate school.
  • 92% have secured jobs in areas of their professional interest, at an average salary of $53,200.

Among this year’s class of Fellows:

  • 100% of Fellows in community colleges have transferred to four-year institutions.
  • 96% have completed internships
  • 91% are on track to finish the program
  • 91% are persisting in college

The foundation’s 2017 grant included support for the traditional ANY Fellows model plus a new on-campus partnership model with LaGuardia Community College. The pilot program follows the same ANY curriculum as the traditional Fellows Program and targets the same enrollment, persistence, graduation, and employment outcomes. However, the LaGuardia pilot aims to increase efficiency by operating under a cost-sharing model in which ANY pays 80% of expenses and LaGuardia pays the other 20%, plus provides resources that include workshop spaces and an on-campus desk where an ANY staff member can provide convenient support to Fellows.