Selected Grantees

For nearly 100 years, we have sought to meet the needs of underserved youth by supporting programs that have included both the very first charter schools and the latest online data tools, both Central Park playgrounds and workforce development programs, and both arts and sports initiatives to strengthen students’ skills in reading, writing, and arithmetic. The greatest leg out of poverty remains a college degree or a credential leading to meaningful employment, and each program or project we've supported has sought, in some way, to help young people achieve those goals.

Catalytic Giving

We fund approaches that have the potential for wide application but have not reached a scale broad enough to attract investment by larger private foundations or government. We view funding as catalytic when our dollars can have an impact exponentially greater than the projected results of any one or more years of funding.

Strategic Partnerships

We promote collaborations between foundations, not-for-profits, for-profits, and the public sector that may have overlapping approaches, goals, or skill sets in the areas of education, job skills, and innovative revenue models.

Targeted Problem Solving

We define specific challenges that have attainable solutions and then encourage creative problem solvers to test those solutions, which often address barriers to equal opportunity that have been overlooked or under-appreciated.

Proven Models

These selected grantees reflect those organizations and institutions whose work we are proud to have supported over multiple years.

EDUCATION — College Readiness & Retention

— Literacy


— Sports Hook for College Access

— General