Warrior-Scholar Project

Student veterans are in a unique financial position as a result of the post-9/11 GI Bill, which affords them the ability to pay full college tuition and to explore a wider range of options than the traditional freshman. Student veterans, however, often experience a difficult cultural transition from military life to campus life; their average college attrition rate is 28%.

Warrior-Scholar Project partners with higher education institutions nationally—17 four-year institutions and one community college—to host a fully-immersive two-week residential and academic boot camp with the goals of increasing the college-going rate and of improving the college selectivity of student veterans. The experience seeks to build a skill bridge between enlisted service and a top-tier university focused on critical reading and writing; to build the academic confidence-level of participants; and to ensure that each participant has a better understanding of the post-9/11 GI Bill and the higher education landscape.

Warrior-Scholar Project has seen impressive results to date:

  • 81% of alumni are enrolled in school.
  • 42% of alumni who matriculate attend a top-20 ranked college versus 1% of the total veteran population.
  • 3.5% of alumni who matriculated have ultimately dropped out or postponed college versus 28% of the total veteran population.

Warrior-Scholar Project serves approximately 250 veterans each summer. The typical population is a mix of soldiers still on active duty, veterans who have started school but who are struggling, veterans who have accepted offers but who have not yet matriculated, and students who took an educational break and are looking to return. The average age of participants is 22; two-thirds are first-generation college students.

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