Targeted Problem Solving



School counselors often lack the training and capacity they need to provide the affordability planning and financial aid coaching that students need. This is one of the greatest barriers to accessing a properly-matched college that underserved youth face.


uAspire is the strongest program providing access to accurate financial aid information and college guidance. We supported a pilot of the first replication of uAspire’s Virtual+Training (V+T) model in New York City, serving 2,500 high school and college students enrolled in CollegeBound Initiative (CBI) programming. Through the V+T model, uAspire partnered with CBI, which places college counselors in 32 partnering New York City Title I schools serving predominantly low-income, first-generation-to-college students, on a joint delivery model to provide direct guidance to students through timely, personalized text message-based coaching, and to train CBI’s student-serving staff on the college affordability process.

Heckscher’s support has enabled us to launch our innovative, text-based college affordability advising in New York City, and we are now helping thousands of students reach their goal of earning a college degree with limited financial burden. This would not have been possible without the financial support and strategic guidance of the Heckscher team. They are a true partner in this work.
Bob Giannino, CEO, uAspire