Theatre Lab at Florida Atlantic University

When evaluating our arts education giving, we look to support programs that integrate arts education into academic curricula and demonstrate key student academic components. Theatre Lab at Florida Atlantic University (TLFAU) is a prime example of an organization implementing an arts-based approach to academic challenges.

Theatre Lab has served students in grades three to 12 over two semesters through four distinct but related programs: Future PAGES, Heckscher Theatre for Families, @Center (formerly Authors of Act Two), LabRATS (Rising Artists Theatre Society), and the Teaching Artist Institute. Future PAGES has engaged students from 17 public school and community-based organization partners in standards-based theatre education, a multidisciplinary theatre arts program taught through live professional performance, cross-curricular theatre training, and playwriting workshops. Authors of Act Two (AA2) has partnered with local organizations serving at-risk and incarcerated youth providing basic theatre arts instruction and training in dramatic writing.

Through these interventions, 80% of students have demonstrated improved literacy, specifically vocabulary and writing skills, and 75% of AA2 students have increased their communication and listening skills through utilizing peer feedback techniques.

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