The Door

The Door serves nearly 11,000 youth from all five boroughs, providing an array of wraparound programs and supports. In addition to general operating support, we provided the principal support for a strategic partnership with Gap Foundation’s This Way Ahead (TWA), which capitalizes on the need for salespeople in some sectors of the retail industry. While New York City has numerous workforce programs, the vast majority focus on internships without strategic consideration to ensure participants are placed in a job or on career-tracks with advancement opportunities—which is a key priority in the TWA program. In 2019, The Door placed 497 youth in internships at Gap, Banana Republic, and Old Navy Stores. Of the youth served, 91% completed their 10-week internship and 70% were offered and accepted permanent employment.

The Door's one-stop youth development model allows young people an opportunity to access health care, employment, legal, and other social services at one site; making it the best shot at going after poverty in a comprehensive way.
Eric Weingartner
CEO, The Door