StreetSquash Harlem

StreetSquash is a Harlem-based squash program serving sixth- through 12th-grade students with after-school squash, individual and small-group tutoring, literacy enrichment, and college access and success programming. Our funding specifically supports the College Access, Success, and Alumni Support Program (CASAS). For one day a week, beginning in ninth grade, each student attends college preparation courses that focus on core academic and writing abilities. In 10th grade, students continue the weekly courses but shift focus to college knowledge and begin college visits. In 11th grade, they continue to participate in college visits and receive ACT prep. In 12th grade, students are individually counseled through the college application and financial aid processes. CASAS staff prioritize connecting students to New York State Opportunity programs such as HEOP, EOP, and SEEK. Once in college, StreetSquash maintains monthly check-ins with students and an in-person meeting each semester for local students. StreetSquash expects 100% of seniors to matriculate to a postsecondary program and to have 85% of students matriculate to the second semester.

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