Nudges, Norms and New Solutions


Over the past decade, behavioral scientists working in postsecondary education have developed a wide range of innovative interventions that hold the promise to improve student outcomes. Until now, they had never been captured in one place in a way that made them easy to understand or implement, creating a degree of inaccessibility that impeded their adoption.

This free resource provides educators with concrete, actionable direction on how to effectively implement behavioral approaches to improve students’ postsecondary outcomes. It is both an easy-to-access online guide and a free hotline that educators across the country can contact for behavioral design support.
Ben Castleman
Founder and Director, Nudge4 Solutions Lab


We funded and helped develop, in collaboration with the Nudge4 Solutions Lab at the University of Virginia and ideas42, a free online guide that takes proven behavioral science techniques and makes them accessible to educators working to get students to and through college.

Nudges, Norms, and New Solutions addresses three challenge areas—access to college, college life and academics and student finances—and supports educators with concrete, actionable direction on how to implement evidence-based behavioral innovations, as well as guidance on associated costs and staffing requirements, to improve students’ postsecondary outcomes.

In addition to uncovering surprising insights about some of the hidden barriers preventing students from graduating college, this guide demonstrates the potential for behavioral science to create a better higher education journey for students. It has been widely circulated online and in print. It is being updated and re-issued with our funding in 2022.

Read more in our press release or on Times Higher Education.

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