New Visions for Public Schools


The typical high school college office operates with one college counselor serving over 100 students, and the counselor is expected to create and maintain a database of tasks and outcomes. The result is an enormous burden placed on a single individual managing a large caseload of students who must independently create complex systems, manage a high volume of time-sensitive tasks, and make nuanced decisions about advising students and families with little ability to understand how this guidance relates to the guidance being provided by other schools or even to outcomes for their students.


We analyzed numerous platforms that aim to provide support to the college application process within high schools. After an in-depth review, we supported New Visions for Public Schools to build a common infrastructure for transparent and centralized management of the college application process, which is also integrated into existing processes related to course and exam assignments.

New Visions is well positioned to take a more systematic and scaled approach to solving the problems described above because it has consistently driven increases in graduation and college readiness rates by solving parallel infrastructure and process challenges related to the assignment of students to activities and supports, and the tracking of the completion of key milestones. It has also developed the technical expertise through prior work to design high-quality software as well as the strategies to develop buy-in among a broad and diverse base of school users. Finally, the infrastructure they are building will be embedded in managerial software which already has an authentic user base among counselors working in New Visions schools.

New Visions for Public Schools