Instruction Partners

Curriculum reform is a particularly difficult area but we recognize that helping schools make wise curricular choices can lead to catalytic impact. Instruction Partners is a non-profit that partners with schools to strengthen daily instruction. We brought Instruction Partners to New York City by supporting a partnership with a developing public charter high school, East Harlem Scholars Academy High School, which currently serves 9th through 11th grade students and operates 5 charter schools. Harlem Scholars Academies identified Instruction Partners as a partner to provide instructional coaching to new and existing math and ELA teachers so that teachers strengthen their content delivery.

Instruction Partners helps school and system teams understand the answers to two questions: 1) Are we teaching the right content? and 2) Are students learning it? They then work with the team to develop a game plan, leveraging curriculum improvements and teacher and leader professional development and coaching. The schools that have worked with Instruction Partners for more than two years have seen notable gains in daily instruction and student growth. Instruction Partners has worked with over 125 schools across 17 states.

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