Ignite! Reading

We catalyzed Ignite! to provide its “first grade reading promise” in NYC through a partnership with Bronx Charter School for Excellence. Its promise is to have all students reading on time, by the end of first grade. Ignite!’s methodology is grounded in the Science of Reading and seeks to embed 15 min/day of 1:1 reading foundational skills tutoring via Zoom with a highly trained tutor using an evidence-based curriculum. Progress of the students is monitored closely via DIBELS (a nationally normed tool) assessments and constant review of recorded tutoring sessions.

The Ignite Reading program was first implemented as a nine-week summer program in 2021 with Black and Latinx K-3 students in Oakland, California with remote tutors. Students made 2.5 weeks of reading progress for every week in the program. In addition, 89% of students made 3 weeks of reading progress for every week of tutoring during its in-school pilot.

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