CitySquash is a Bronx-based squash program serving students from third grade through college graduation with after-school squash and academic programming that focuses on five key goals for students: develop upstanding character; improve academic performance; become competitive squash players; attend quality high schools; and graduate from college. 100% of CitySquash high school seniors have graduated from high school and 98% of high school graduates have matriculated to college.

In addition to squash instruction, students participate in character education curricula and supplemental curricula aimed at building developmentally-appropriate academic skills and content knowledge for elementary, middle, and high school students. Mandatory tutoring is required for any student with an average below 80%. CitySquash also has dedicated placement programs at both the high school and college transition points. The high school placement program works with students beginning in seventh grade to prepare them for and guide them through the application processes to public, parochial, and private high schools. Students then visit colleges beginning in high school and, in the 11th grade, begin focusing on college prep through targeted workshops and test prep.

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