Harlem Lacrosse

Harlem Lacrosse is an in-school and after-school lacrosse program serving middle school and high school students that focuses on academic performance, social-emotional growth, deep personal engagement, and on-time school advancement. Harlem Lacrosse serves 350 youth five days per week year-round with push-in academic support, high school admissions exam tutoring, SAT and ACT prep courses, admissions counseling, and financial aid assistance. Each school partner has a program director who provides full-day support within the school, enabling them to collaborate with school counselors and teachers as well as offer a support system of mentorship and guidance to students. Harlem Lacrosse also works extensively on high school placement to connect students to the most appropriate public, charter, independent, and boarding schools. Since Harlem Lacrosse’s establishment in 2011, 100% of its students have graduated from middle school on time, with an average GPA increase of 5% to 10%. They have outperformed peers in English, science, and math by 10% to 15%.

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