Genesys Works

Our catalytic grant to Genesys Works enabled it to launch its program in New York City. Genesys Works partners with employers to provide high school seniors from undeserved communities with college and career advising in paid internships during the school year. The model has been highly successful in other cities but, until our grant, it had never operated a program in New York City. With our Catalytic grant Genesys Works is providing internships to New York City students from among their 200 corporate partners nationwide.

The benefit of Genesys Works comes from students’ higher rates of college enrollment and completion, and a greater ability to obtain meaningful employment given their internship experience. Almost all program participants enroll in college and complete degree programs at much higher rates. A recent study published by Columbia University’s Clive Belfield, Principal Economist for the Center for Benefit-Cost Studies in Education, shows the Social Return on Investment of Genesys Works at 13 times: for every $1 invested in Genesys Works, there is an economic return of $13.45.​

Heckscher’s early investment in Genesys Works NYC was a game-changer. On top of funding to launch the program, the value of the credibility, connections, and guidance provided by Peter and the team has been immeasurable for our funding, corporate partnerships, and strategy. Heckscher’s leadership will enable us to empower more youth from low-income NYC communities to succeed in college and career.
Mike Gross
Executive Director, Genesys Works