Charter Schools

We have been a leader in funding alternative education initiatives, including charter networks such as the ones listed below and many individual charter schools in New York City and New York State.

  • Classical Charter Schools
  • Coney Island Prep Builders
  • Democracy Prep
  • Icahn Charter Schools
  • KIPP
  • MESA Charter High School
  • Success Academy
  • Uncommon Schools

Independently, Heckscher Foundation CEO Peter Sloane was a founding trustee of the first charter school in New York State, Sisulu Victory Academy.

Our partnership with a thought leader like Heckscher has pushed us to build out high-leverage, strategic data collection projects that provide our teachers and senior staff with a rich set of actionable information on student performance that they can then use to positively impact our students and their families for decades.
Lester Long
Founder & Executive Director, South Bronx Classical Charter School