Strategic Partnerships

CareerWise New York

We funded a strategic partnership between CareerWise New York (CWNY), Year Up, and Genesys Works (another grantee) to leverage and customize curricula to prepare CWNY students for the workforce. Spearheaded by Jamie Dimon of JPMorgan, CWNY is an effort to adapt the Swiss apprenticeship model here in the US (70 percent of Swiss students choose apprenticeships and 30 percent stay with their training company or return after college).

CWNY develops a talent pipeline for underserved high school students in three industries: information technology, financial services, and business operations. Employers such as Accenture, Amazon, Bank of America, Bloomberg, and Mastercard train apprentices for three years with an increasing number of hours spent on the job each year. Apprentices gain 24-30 postsecondary credits, industry-recognized credentials, earnings over the three-year period, and the option to continue working in the industry or to pursue a college degree. Employer partners pay all apprentice wages as well as a fee per apprentice to CWNY.

The partnership we created is a seven-week CWNY summer bootcamp to prepare students for their apprenticeships. It covers communication, professional dress, collaboration, conflict resolution, problem solving, customer service, time management, goal setting, and introduction to technology, financial services, and business operations. Apprentices attend summer school in the morning to get ahead on credits that will be missed while on the job during their junior year of high school, and then attend bootcamp, that utilizes Year Up and Genesys Works curricula, with CWNY staff and employers in the afternoon.