Overwhelmingly, first-generation students do not have the tools and connections they need to land great first jobs that offer strong starting salaries, competitive benefits, and the type of career-ladder opportunities that lead to long-term economic security. Basta was launched as a response — to bridge this employment gap for first-generation college students.

Our funding is supporting Basta’s implementation of its train-the-trainer program, Powered by Basta, in up to 5 college access/success organizations and high schools. With the Powered by Basta program, these organizations will better serve their students and alumni in planning for and security career-launching jobs. It is not simply helping the participants build their resume. Rather, it is helping the students identify potential career paths, recognize one’s own talents and interests, and align those skills with employment opportunities.

Basta has demonstrated that it is well-equipped to set other organizations up for success through its own direct service work in helping students navigate the process of finding a first job. Basta’s flagship program is the Basta Fellowship, a ten-week long, cohort-based career readiness and job search program, that has a track record of success. Of the 500+ Fellows who have completed the program, 84% have secured a career-pathway job within 6 months of program completion and 90% are retained in their first job for at least one year.

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