Grant Guidelines

The Heckscher Foundation for Children was founded in 1921 to promote the welfare of children, primarily in New York City. We fund organizations serving youth in the fields of education and academic support, arts education, health, recreation and social services, capacity building and technical assistance, and workforce development. The Foundation does not participate in annual appeals, endowments, fundraising events or political efforts.

The Heckscher Foundation for Children seeks to “level the playing field” for underserved youth. In all of our giving activities, we stress the achievement of positive, measurable, clear outcomes and are particularly interested in programs that are prepared to critically evaluate their work.

The Foundation’s metrics-driven approach requires that current and prospective grantees evaluate their programming such that the “whom, what, when and where” are defined to highlight the value-add of a particular program to the participants served. Funding inquiries should include:

Who is served? Demographic information: age, gender, ethnicity, first-generation status, etc.
Program Acceptance Procedure Is an application required for your program? If yes, what are the criteria? If no, is participation self-selected or assigned?
Size/Scale How many youth are served? Across which regions?
Resources/Cost of Program Cost per youth served
Comprehensiveness of Program Designed intervention dosage
Timing and Length of Program Intervention length and target age/grade of participants

The Heckscher Foundation provides support in the following categories:

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