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Global Glimpse

The foundation supported Global Glimpse, an education program founded in the San Francisco Bay area that targets high-potential high school students from disadvantaged neighborhoods and focuses on leadership development, community service, and globalization education. Global Glimpse works with public high schools and college preparatory organizations, including Summer Search, to provide year-round programming that centers around a three-week summer experience in a developing country (including Nicaragua, Ecuador, and the Dominican Republic), with an extensive curriculum covering history, politics, culture, poverty, business, education, and development.

The program targets high-potential, low-income 11th-grade students who demonstrate leadership qualities and have a minimum GPA of 3.0. Prior to their summer travel, students perform 40 hours of community service and engage in project-based learning, leadership training, and after-school workshops focused on civic engagement and global education. Participants remain engaged in the program as 12th-grade students, providing one-on-one mentoring to the incoming cohort of 11th-graders and participating in community service projects and supplementary academic workshops that include college essay support.

Though not a traditional college preparation program, Global Glimpse’s experiential learning program yields academic gains: 80 percent of participants write their college essay on the experience; 100 percent graduate from high school; 80 percent matriculate to four-year colleges, with an additional 15 percent at two-year community colleges; and 97 percent are persisting in college.

In 2017, Global Glimpse will continue developing an Alumni Ambassador Program to provide leadership development and support for alumni during their senior year of high school. To optimize alumni engagement, a new national Alumni Council will manage the alumni database and support data collection, serve as a resource to connect alumni with shared academic or career interests, maintain an alumni opportunity board, organize informal alumni events, and strengthen the alumni community’s online presence. Also in 2017, Global Glimpse will transition a portion of its curriculum online to strengthen the preparatory materials students receive, help students from partner programs receive comprehensive preparation before they travel, and create opportunities for the program to expand beyond U.S. regional hub markets.