Frequently Asked Questions

What areas does the Foundation support?

The Heckscher Foundation for Children is an accredited 501(c)(3) private foundation. Our endowment enables us to make substantial annual contributions in the areas of:

How many programs does the Heckscher Foundation fund?

The number of programs funded by the foundation varies from year to year but in most years exceeds 100.

Are there any deadlines by which applications must be submitted to the Heckscher Foundation?

No; applications are reviewed periodically throughout the year.

What are the minimum and maximum grant amounts that will be considered by the Heckscher Foundation?

There are no minimum or maximum grant amounts considered by the foundation.

If my organization has been turned down for a grant in the past may we reapply for a different grant?

Does the Heckscher Foundation make grants for recurring operating expenses, capital expenses or capital campaigns?

The foundation’s giving takes the form of program support, capacity building, general operating and specific capital projects.

Can I get a written application form?
The Heckscher Foundation accepts online applications by invitation only. Please review our guidelines and if you have any questions, please visit the contact us page.

How soon after I apply for a grant will I hear about the status of my application?

The applications that are invited are reviewed and responded to within 6-8 weeks of the specified due date for submission.

How can I get help with filling out my logic model?

For our Logic Model Guidelines, click here. 


For other resources, please see this page.

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