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CollegeSpring is a California-based college counseling and SAT prep program customized to meet the needs of low-income students. Through its partnership model, CollegeSpring provides grade-wide intervention during the academic year for 11th-grade students and serves a portion of 11th– and 12th-grade students during a summer session.

The organization has operated programs in Los Angeles and San Francisco in partnership with local high schools and community-based organizations. Students receive 80 hours of SAT instruction, college readiness counseling, and diagnostic testing through a mix of classroom instruction led by professional teachers and small group tutoring sessions led by undergraduates who serve as near-peer mentors.

CollegeSpring students are 1.5 times more likely to attend four-year colleges than their peers. On average, 50 percent of CollegeSpring students who complete all four diagnostic SAT tests enroll in a four-year college within two years of high school graduation, compared to the national average of 30 percent for similar students.

The foundation provided start-up funding to bring CollegeSpring to New York City and, in 2016, continued its support of a collaborative initiative between Heckscher grantees CollegeSpring, Henry Street Settlement, and the Posse Foundation.