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Citizen Schools New York

Citizen Schools partners with 25 public middle schools nationally to expand the learning day for children in low-income communities. Citizen Schools New York (CSNY) is modeling a new effort to collaborate with other education reform organizations in New York City to form a “transition coalition:” an association of middle schools and nonprofit school intervention providers that share the goal of smoothly transitioning eighth-grade students into and through high school.

Building on the college-access achievements of the Opportunity Network (OppNet), the foundation supported an expanded partnership between foundation grantees OppNet, Citizen Schools, and Breakthrough New York to create a roadmap to the core competencies that students need to develop between sixth and ninth grades in order to successfully progress towards college. Through this innovative partnership, CSNY endeavors to change the life trajectories of New York City students by moving them onto “success tracks” toward high school graduation, college graduation, and positions of leadership in their careers and communities.

Citizen Schools has also been a key partner in the beta-testing phase of the NYC High School Application Guide, a free Heckscher-developed app that middle school students, parents, and guidance counselors can use to filter high school programs by interests and location and generate personalized lists of 20 best-fit high school programs.