About Us

How can we most effectively address wealth inequality among our youth in a way that creates lasting impact?

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Our mission is to level the playing field for underserved youth.

We do that by focusing our giving on education.

We support programs, partnerships, and targeted solutions in college access and success, workforce training and jobs access, and arts or physical education that improves achievement in the classroom.

We take a venture philanthropy approach to funding, using three principal strategies—catalytic giving, strategic partnerships, and targeted problem solving—that look for inflection points where we have the potential to change the course of a young person’s life at a key juncture.

Board, Staff & Advisors

Staff Group Photos-27

Staff (standing left to right): Shelby Abell, Peter Sloane, Cara Bowmore, Geoffrey Howarth, Alyssia George, Ashley Dunn; (sitting) Ourania Vokolos-Zias, Christina Figueroa.


  • Howard G. (Peter) Sloane,
  • Hilary Azrael
  • Mark E. Beck
  • Brian Feinstein
  • Daniel Laub
  • Philippe Laub
  • Gail Meyers
  • Kathryn Meyers
  • Matt Perelman
  • Alexander Sloane
  • Jake Sloane
  • Nessia Kushner
  • Arthur Smadbeck
  • Jeffrey Smadbeck
  • Leigh Smadbeck
  • Louis Smadbeck
  • Louis Smadbeck, Jr.
  • Mark Smadbeck
  • Paul Smadbeck
  • Alexander Taubman
  • David Tillson


  • Howard G. (Peter) Sloane,
    Chief Executive Officer
  • Shelby Abell,
    Senior Program Officer
  • Ashley Dunn,
    Grants Manager
  • Christina Figueroa,
    Facilities Manager and Bookkeeper
  • Ourania Vokolos-Zias,
    Chief Operating Officer
  • Cara Bowmore,
    Program Officer
  • Geoffrey Howarth,
    Director, Heckscher Scholars
  • Alyssia George,
    Receptionist and Administrative Assistant


  • Stella Fiore,
    Senior Communications Advisor
  • Giselle Robledo,
    Heckscher Scholars Student Affairs Coordinator
  • Nessia Kushner,
    Senior Advisor

Leadership Fellows

  • Ruth Genn
  • Vita C. Rabinowitz